Reasonable conclusions from reasonably sane, intelligent people

How long will we the people of this great land continue to allow our government free reign to trample on us.  Our constitution is the basis for law in this country.  It is a simple document that has served us well.  If you read it, you will come to the conclusion that many of those we have elected to represent us must not know its content - or they choose to ignore it.

Will we allow our government to redefine torture, the meaning of personal privacy, or what people the authors of the constitution were referring to at each appearance of the word in that document and each of its amendments?

When those in power have ultimate authority to police themselves, they will be corrupted.  Our president and his administration have taken this to a higher level.  Our congress has taken the opportunity to use the absence of balance to treat themselves to every benefit imaginable at our expense.  The judiciary has been spoiled through appointments  aimed specifically at preserving the freedom of the political leadership and those who support them.

You and I lose at every step.  Our jobs disappear overseas.  Our costs increase faster than our pay.  The products we now have available to us are, for the most part, made offshore - and their safety is questionable.  Government gets bigger, taxes grow higher, our ability to choose disappears.

It is now time to act.

Read the constitution and its amendments.  Here is a link to the documents.

Then write your senators and representatives at the state and national levels.  Tell them that you will not stand for more of the same.  Demand full accountability of them on their record.  Demand that they take up proceedings against all who have abused the public trust and hold each accountable as if they were one of us - under the same law you and I would be judged in a court uncorrupted by the powerful.

Finally, the strongest message you can send your elected officials today is to register as an independent for the upcoming elections.  We can't keep putting people in power that put their party ahead of the nation.  The democrats and republicans have proven their values and brought us to this.

We the people of this once great country will not survive your inaction.  Take the time to write - today.

Here is a link to US Senators.

Here is a link to US Representatives.

To find your state legislative representatives, google: _ _ state representatives (where _ _ is your two letter state code).